30 Days of Hannibal: day 6 » (murder) objects

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Like losing a father all over again …



Get to Know Me Meme: TV Shows [2/10] → Sherlock  

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House Week | Day 5: Favorite Episode

↳5.06 Joy. "Just ‘cause you got approved by an adoption agency doesn’t mean you’ll get approved by the birth mother. You’re a single mom. That puts you somewhere below couples that quitted in daycare scandals."

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House Week Day 5 | Favorite Episode - House’s Head
"Why does this matter so much?"
"I don’t know." 
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House Week Day 5 -  Favorite Episode: Broken

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When you’re lost in the darkness, look for the light. 

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Title: I Would Play Any Game on Earth (But I Won't Play That)
Artist: Jon Tron
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I Would Play Any Game on Earth (But I Won’t Play That) by Jon Tron

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